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Janice Stine
15 July 1981
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Janice Stine is many things to many people: Ms. J, Mistress Mary Poppins, A toaster, a chew toy… The list goes on. If you try to put her in a box, she’ll deconstruct it, color it with glitter pens, and turn it into something unexpected. Kink just happens to be an outlet where her creativity and love of the absurd can be channeled. For Janice, the conventions of the scene are not hard and fast rules, but rather tools that she can mold and use to create something that is all her own. She identifies less as an educator and more as an avid learner, who will happily share whatever skills and lessons she acquires on her journey, so that others may carve out their own path. In her experience, BDSM is all about individuals enjoying and taking charge of their own sexual preference, not trying to fit themselves into predefined roles.